The Investment Chasm



There’s an investment chasm that has been happening since roughly 2011. The chasm is created between proving the demand of a business and the subsequent funding needed to scale that business. In tech talk, that’s the divide between validation and product-market fit.

AMMO VENTURES seeks to bridge that gap, and help our entrepreneurs validate, build and scale their ideas through product-market fit.

We provide the development resources to help you continue to validate your idea and assumptions. However, in order to be accepted into our portfolio, you have to be able to show us how you’ve proven the demand of your product. An idea is not good enough. You’ll need to have some metric(s) that proves the demand, whether that is pre-sales, user signups, search metrics, whatever it is, you have to be able to backup your assumptions.

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Capital is a means to an end. We invest our direct resources to help our portfolio companies expedite their idea, growth and success.

Our Resource Fund

Web Development

We provide our development resources to design and create web applications.

Mobile Development

We provide our development resources to design and create mobile applications.

Graphic Design

We provide our design resources to create any type of design assets you need.

Legal & Documentation

We'll make sure everything is setup legally and structurally for your next round of funding.

Direct Mentorship

We'll provide hands on training and guidance on our weekly conference calls.

Private Group

You’ll be invited to a private group with additional portfolio founders you can learn from.

Some of our direct investments

Top Projects

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    The brains behind the brand

    Our Founding Partners


    andrew medal

    Andrew Medal is the founder of creative digital agency Agent Beta. He has helped organizations like the California Education Department, Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, Warner Bros. and Inc. Magazine. He has proven results for Fortune 500 to venture-backed startups by developing software and driving growth.

    Medal volunteers inside prison institutions with the Last Mile, where he empowers inmates with front-end web development skills. Join his book club on Instagram, and sign up to receive pre-sale alerts about his next book titled, Welcome to Prison Whitey: The Hilarious Factual Prison Tale of an Entrepreneur from the ‘Burbs.


    matt dubois

    Entrepreneur, techie, online marketing junkie, auto enthusiast and lifetime learner. Matt found his interest for technology while in college where he wrote his first piece of software. The software ultimately sold to a publicly traded company and Matt dropped out of school to pursue his passion of building a business. He has been featured in over a dozen publications, including: Inc., Forbes,,, Entrepreneur, Processor Magazine and the Orange County Business Journal.

    On a personal level, Matt is a Stage 4 M1c cancer survivor, undergoing a dozen surgeries, a medically induced coma and a year of chemotherapy in his twenties. Upon his diagnosis (10% survival rate), he dropped everything, wrote his bucket list and secretly completed it over the next 4 months with one of his closest friends. It wasn’t until after he conquered all he had set out to experience in life that he shared the news of his illness with those around him and began the journey of beating cancer.

    Matt currently resides in Coto de Caza with his rescued pit-bull, Kylie.

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    Do you invest in the companies that get accepted?

    We invest our resources into all of the companies that our accepted into our program. Our resource fund is an investment of resources with a monetary dollar amount based on a sliding scale ($20k, $50k & $100k) for x% of your company. The investment is structured as a convertible security (which is like a convertible note, but it is better for your company because it doesn’t accrue interest and doesn’t require payback in the future).

    The convertible security has certain special rights for our portfolio investments, including a follow-on right option, which expires after the closing of your next priced round.